MEGACRAWL @ MegaFest 2017
Wednesday June 28th – Saturday July 1st
Coming to The Cedars near YOU!

Welcome to MegaFest! The Cedars Neighborhood is keeping its doors open late night for our MEGA-FRIENDS!
Our blocks will be lined up with restaurants, bars & coffee shops, within walking distance from the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center:
Efrogs Dallas will offer fare free rides, just tip your friendly drivers! | 469-432-4055
Sandwich Hag open until 12am; 1902 S. Lamar Street, Dallas
Checkered Past Winery open until 12am; 1409 S. Lamar Street, Dallas
Opening Bell Coffee open until 12am; 1409 S. Lamar Street, Dallas
Industry Alley Bar open until 2am; 1711 S. Lamar Street, Dallas
NYLO Hotel will serve food until 12am Wed/Thurs & 1am Fri/Sat
Off The Bone Barbecue open until 12am; 1734 S. Lamar Street, Dallas
1011 Ten Eleven open until 2am Thurs – Sat; 1011 Corinth Street, Dallas
Poor David’s Pub 1313 S. Lamar Street, Dallas
Mac’s Southside | Zalat | The Cedars Social | Full Circle Tavern | Lee Harvey’s