MegaFest Returns to Dallas, TX in June

Klyde Warren Park is a trendy 5.2-acre public park in Downtown Dallas, Texas

Klyde Warren Park is a trendy 5.2-acre public park in Downtown Dallas, Texas

After captivating the city of Dallas previously in 2012 and 2015, MegaFest will call Dallas “home” for a momentous third time in 2017. Bishop T.D. Jakes, MegaFest CEO and visionary leader, announced the exciting news during a press conference, held at the Omni Dallas Hotel, on Friday, February 17.

Kicking things off
As Chief of Communications for T.D. Jakes, Regina Lewis commenced the afternoon conference with an overview of the principle known as “the rule of three.” According to Ms. Lewis, “This rule suggests things that come in threes are inherently more humorous, more satisfying, and more effective than any other number of things.” We couldn’t agree more that MegaFest’s third year in the city will afford attendees a more fulfilling experience overall. The City of Dallas  can definitely expect great things in June from MegaFest, the nation’s largest faith and family festival. Ms. Lewis also gave a gracious nod to those that were a part of MegaFest’s early inception; those that came along in the intervening years; and those that are new to the party.

“MegaFest is the poster child for diversity and inclusion.”
– President and CEO Phillip Jones, VisitDallas

VisitDallas President and CEO Phillip Jones is just as thrilled as we are to have MegaFest in Dallas again this year. With regards to stimulating the local economy, Jones informed attendees, including the Dallas News, that the previous MegaFest conference elevated the city’s economy by approximately $100 million. Additionally, more than 100,000 people are expected to call Dallas “home” over the four-day faith and family festival. MegaFest unites people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, races, and nationalities. To this end, Phillip Jones affectionately named MegaFest “the poster child for diversity and inclusion.” Jones also announced PepsiCo as the first title sponsor for MegaFest 2017. As PepsiCo executives were exploring event opportunities to host in Dallas, they chose MegaFest. Frito-Lay CEO Vivek Sankaran stated that the diversity and inclusion initiatives reflected in MegaFest are also at the core of Frito-Lay’s mission, providing a more diverse work environment under the PepsiCo brand.
MegaFest and Dallas are stronger together
Phillip Jones also recognized several outstanding members of the Dallas City Council, as well as numerous officials integral to the city’s growth and diversity. From Mayor Pro Tem Monica R. Alonzo, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Erik Wilson, City Council Member Tiffinni A. Young, to myriad individuals serving on the MegaFest Host Committee, “These are the movers and shakers,” announced Phillip. Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Erik Wilson also expressed his excitement for MegaFest returning to Dallas, with a witty impersonation of Bishop T.D. Jakes, among other remarks.

“Get ready. Get ready. Get ready.”
Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Erik Wilson, Dallas City Council

Honored as the architect and visionary of MegaFest, Bishop T.D. Jakes entered the stage by way of standing ovation. Bishop Jakes reminded everyone during the press conference that Dallas is a resilient city. He stated, “In Dallas, we’re better together than we are apart. Our message to the world is that we stick together no matter what. We are a strong city, a vibrant city. MegaFest is about bringing people together, especially as our nation calibrates to new leadership.” During the four-day faith and family experience, Bishop Jakes advised that all of the events featured at MegaFest are designed with diversity and inclusion in mind. He expressed the importance of everyone, everywhere, working together – without division – as a great catalyst to forge conversations ahead. Bishop Jakes stated that while MegaFest, at its core, is a faith-based event, there are myriad components of the conference that will speak to everyone. He believes that MegaFest 2017 will be well received – individually, collectively, and nationally.

“Dallas means so much to me. I have my wife here; we’ve raised our children in this city; and I’ve buried my parents in this city.”
– Bishop T.D. Jakes, MegaFest CEO and Visionary

Bishop T.D. Jakes with Dallas City Officials at the Omni Dallas Hotel

Bishop T.D. Jakes with Dallas City Officials at the Omni Dallas Hotel

Discover a new kind of MegaFest
From June 28 through July 1, Bishop Jakes doesn’t want Dallas to be seen as a host city alone, as it would negate the fact that Dallas is invited to participate in the festivities.  “We’ve got wonderful people from around the world coming to speak on a plethora of subjects and issues. It’s a family affair, and there is something for everybody. Whether you’re a part of the faith community or not, you’re invited to participate,” said Bishop T.D. Jakes.
Bishop Jakes encourages all seekers, learners, doers, and leaders to expect “a new kind of MegaFest” this summer. The architect and visionary is excited to unveil numerous new components of the conference for a more robust experience.
Here’s a glimpse of what MegaFest has in store for you:

  • Enjoy inspirational content from uplifting speakers and transformative sessions.
  • Indulge your curiosity with a number of empowerment sessions featuring topics, including technology, culture, fashion, and healthcare.
  • Satisfy your appetite for action with an all-star comedy show, as well as a faith and family film festival. There will also be practical workshops, shopping, and exhibits for you to enjoy.
  • Shift your business or start-up to the next level with dynamic workshops and more. Again, leaders, this is definitely a MegaFest you cannot afford to miss! Bishop Jakes will be unveiling a new business format replete with courses for business and finance. There will be an entrepreneurial competition for students as well. Bishop Jakes said, “we’re raising the bar on entrepreneurship to offer hope to people trying to reinvent themselves. People will leave with tools that will enhance their lives, whether they came across the street or from around the world.”

And please don’t think we could have MegaFest without the kids! “For our legacy group of next generation kids, we’ll have engaging activities, workshops, and more to spark their imagination,” informed Bishop. As parents travel across the world to attend MegaFest, their kids will be in tow, so we want them to know that “there’s no place like MegaFest.”
Get ready, Dallas
Dallas is an exciting place to be for entrepreneurs, and Bishop Jakes encourages anyone considering entrepreneurship to experience MegaFest this summer. Just listen in this brief video below as Huffington Post Blog Contributor Ebony Combs discusses her entrepreneurial goals, as well as what she plans to ask Bishop Jakes at MegaFest.
[vimeo id=”205736324″ width=”65%” height=”360″]
From city officials, corporate sponsors, media, to citizens of Dallas, everyone’s looking forward to MegaFest 2017! VisitDallas Executive Committee Volunteer Darlene Ellison said, “I’m so excited to have MegaFest here in the city. This is an exciting time for Dallas.”
For those of you who have yet to register for MegaFest 2017, you still have time! Register now and experience the fun spirit of summer at the nation’s largest faith and family event in Dallas, Texas.
See you in June!
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